Bootstrap the world for your tests

Services typically interact with other services. The communication and interactions between then is achived by different communications protocols, ports etc. This kind of soutions brings complexity in regard to execution.

In order to execute a User Story that enclose different services,, we need to find a way to run all required pices, chunks wihtin their dependencies, configurations or run-up modes. Once we simulate such an environment or the majority of it, we are ready to execute the tests.

One of the main aims is to find a declarative way to define a scope of the system, and assemble it. Once this is complete, we can programmatically configure, run and perform the test.

Detalles de la propuesta:

During this talk we are going to see how an open source library that could help us to spin up the whole “world”. The main aim is to have a way boostrap the System Under Test (SUT) in a state that could be considered as a valid - what we are looking for is to have a SUT in a consistent up, running and ready to performance Integration Test or even end-to-end test throught it.

Assembling, and connection all dots togheter is one for the big effort for DEV, QA and DEV-OPS teams. However this is one of the core part for a fast loopback inside the category of any kind of computer application craftsmakers.

We are going break down this challenging topic and see one of the possible solution for the system made in microservices archtecture flavour.

What we need - is a thin layer that will permit us in declarative way moreover in a programmatically way . In this case we are gaing freedom speaking about whatever whatever test that have to be cover within the System Under Test.

Of coruse without Docker this could not be possible - but this time we need a little more power on top of it. To cover that, we need a functional programming language, particularly Scala with extra boost gained by cats lib.

Aunque puso todo en Inglés, la charla, por favor, quiero darla en Castellano. A ver si le hacemos este año junto codo con codo.

Developers, QA, Dev-Ops.


Enthusiast of the functional paradigm, computers, and human languages. Traveler, musician. A Guitar artist of SolYNaranjaS - the multinational music project from Málaga city, Costa del Sol. Co-organiser of Málaga Scala Developers community during 2019-2021.

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